Nathan for god’s sake, why must you continuously flip back and forth in time?! this is going to make things very confusing for future readers.

Because that is how my diary happens to work. How my thoughts choose to organize themselves. Of course it’s a mess.

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He wears a modified gas mask that covers his face, buckling in the back. I believe it is make of a shiny, black latex material. There’ve been times when you can hear his breath like Darth Vader, others where you can’t hear him at all. Wonder if it gets clogged at all….

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February 15

First break of the day and the coffee is incredibly bitter. I’m hot on the trail of uncovering the Minotaure’s identity, but the real trick is recognizing the eyes under the mask he wears. Tricky, tricky tricky…

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December 21

There’s a strong blizzard outside my window and the streets are finally quiet. It’s funny how even in this neighborhood the time of year can create a bit of “peace”. That or the fights have traveled elsewhere.
Anyroad…back to the petty cases that pay my rent.  

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allthenobodyppl replied to your post: allthenobodyppl replied to your post:…

Well, you should have specified. Of course Leon is going to mooch as much as possible.

I did. I even had him repeat it to me before we went in. He said, “Alright! I get it, old man! One beer and food! Got it!”

I’ve still not warmed up to that nickname

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Aww, but you offered to foot the bill!

For the food and /one/ beer, yes. Not the five other expensive imports. 

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allthenobodyppl replied to your post: August 14th

I take it the Mexican food mixed with the alcohol didn’t settle well with Leon.

Believe me, it all settled just fine. He ordered five different kinds of strong beer, none of which I could pronounce. I ended up having to drag him out before we were kicked out and then proceed to drive him home. The bill is coming out of his check this week.

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August 14th

It is a well known fact that people change when they are drunk. The kinds of drunks I’ve come to know are loud, stupid, vulgar, promiscuous, overly confident, pompous, and all around a bother to those around them. 

Leon is every one of these when drunk. 

Note to self: Never take Leon out to mexican food after getting closer to the culprit in a case to celebrate. 

Also, never offer to buy his drinks.

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July 8th

Touchshriek cheated at poker today. I saw the cards hiding carefully in his sleeve. Leon was more apt to say something, and it’s a good thing he understood the look I shot him and kept quiet. 

Algeria’s harmless, just lonely. 

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